Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy


Following the professional path of Lisa Alexander is much like watching a natural landscape expand, bloom and flourish through the years.

Lisa was always an active participant and over achiever throughout her school years. During high school she won a modeling contest and was able to earn money to pay for college. After earning a college degree in education and history, Lisa took a position as a high school teacher in NJ. To augment her meager salary, she took a summer position working for an engineering firm. She was assisting on the design of a home office for a client who happen to be a TV commercial producer.  The producer recognized her talents and cast her the for the lead in a national commercial. This launched a successful 12-year career as a model, actress and spokesperson.

Now seeing unhealthy influences all around her that were clearly affecting her health and that of her family, Lisa turned her focus to “green living.” She achieved a LEED AP certification, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) and became a Certified EcoBroker and NAR Green Professional specializing in new construction, existing building renovations, operation and management and corporate sustainability programs. This led to appearances on many major TV networks, radio and print media, including MSNBC’s GREEN IS UNIVERSAL week as an expert covering the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Build Expo & Conference.

While working and caring for her mother, Lisa turned her attention to holistic healing practices and opportunities to study the spiritual realm. She recalled experiences she had as a young child – divine communication, clairvoyant abilities, out of body experiences, glimpses of the other side - but ran from them in fear taught by her Catholic school upbringing. Now, as an adult who had already met so many challenges, it was clear that she could no longer dismiss her natural spirit-led abilities.

Lisa dove into research focusing in on the healing power of sound and energy therapies by reviewing ancient philosophies, learning the science of quantum physics, physical and etheric energy, and exploring teachings in spirituality. After an aggressive program of practice and study, she achieved her master-level certification and began offering healing therapy. Positive responses from her initial clients prompted her decision to expand the program with added modalities and a fusion of holistic methods, forming the foundation of the Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy.

Today, Lisa Alexander conducts workshops and classes, both live and online, to train and certify others in the Alexander Method™ as a Master Sound Therapist. She is foremost an educator, intelligently and passionately bringing information and healing to others. She calls on her work in front of the camera to produce trainings, webcasts and videos that deliver her methods to a broad audience. Maintaining a continuous connection to the Divine Hierarchy of Light, her teachings, healing sessions and readings are always supervised by the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light.



Lisa Alexander’s roots as a transformational speaker run deep. In college, she served as president of the student senate, served as student delegate to the board of trustees and worked as a DJ at the college radio station.  

These experiences served her well when she became a teacher and then, a spokesmodel, commercial actress and TV host. When she left the modeling and broadcast industry behind, she funneled her leadership skills and speaking talents into a passion for environmentally-friendly living, becoming a LEED AP and a Certified Green Realtor. She consulted and spoke at major green living and sustainability conferences, eventually becoming a recognized expert in the field.  Often referred to as the “Queen of Green” at the time.



Lisa is a Certified Meditation Trainer. In both training and personal sessions, she helps people enter into a calm state of mind and being, leading to stress and anxiety reduction, improved mental and cognitive functions, greater self-awareness and connection to spirit guides and angels.

Layered with divinely-channeled presence, Lisa's meditations often incorporate physical stretching, silence, breathing techniques and guided imagery. The experience can be described as Eastern meets West style meditation combined with modern mindfulness and sensory relaxation.

 Her meditation services are broad, and she offers assistance and influence to anyone seeking a successful meditation practice, as well as to those who need specific care through this important work. For those facing difficult health or emotional conditions, she can create a modified, focused session that will directly address the specific issues, contributing towards continued self-healing.

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