Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy


Following the professional path of Lisa Alexander is much like watching a natural landscape expand, bloom and flourish through the years.

After achieving a college degree in education and history, Lisa spent a year in the classroom before being drawn into a project-based position with a building firm. While preparing an advertising campaign, she was asked to stand in as the talent on a commercial and unexpectedly launched a ten year career as a model, actress and spokesperson. That work opened a door that allowed her to write and produce a television show that brought together her camera work, desire to educate and experience with building in a modern do-it-yourself show – Room for Improvement. As home and work lives intersect, it was during the production of the program that her father died suddenly and set the next steps of her growth in motion.

Grieving and concerned for her mother, who was also fighting her own health conditions; Lisa left New York and her established career to move closer to her childhood home in northeastern Pennsylvania. Seeking answers for what she viewed as unhealthy practices all around her that were clearly affecting her health and that of her family, she turned her focus to “green living.” Passionate and excited by the opportunity to help others make change in their lives, she achieved a LEED AP certification, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional), launched Green Life, Inc. and quickly rose to be an expert resource for sustainable building, clean living, and environmentally responsible business practices. Meanwhile, behind her work, personal trials kept Lisa in search of a more peaceful and purposeful life.  

Ever the learner, while working and caring for her mother, Lisa turned to holistic healing practices and opportunities to study the spiritual realm. She recalled experiences she had as a young child – divine communication, out of body moments, glimpses of another side of the world - and remembered fearfully dismissing them. Now, as an adult who had already met so many challenges, it was clear she could no longer dismiss her naturally spirit-led abilities. Lisa stopped fearing and listened to her call. She actively pursued training and practice to develop her intuitive skills and focused in on the healing power of sound and energy healing.   

Lisa dove into research, reviewed ancient philosophies, read the science behind biology and physical energy and explored teachings in spirituality. She arrived at SomaEnergetics and began a deep education into sound and energy healing. After an aggressive program of practice and study, she achieved her master level certification and began offering the healing therapy. Response from her initial clients – some who were willing to drive two hours for one appointment because they were so taken with the experience and results – prompted her decision to expand the program with added modalities and a fusion of holistic methods.  Blooming once again, Lisa created The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy. 

As her healing therapy program grows, she has been encouraged to capture her experiences in a book–currently in draft form – that will share her full story of encouragement and enlightenment for others. Also with requests from clients, she has captured The Alexander Method™ in training programs to certify other practitioners and spread the healing modality to a wider audience. 

Today, Lisa continues to apply each experience in the professional landscape that was planted so many years ago. She is foremost an educator, intelligently and passionately bringing information and healing to others. She calls on her work in front of the cameras to produce webcasts and visual training that brings her method to an unlimited audience. Lisa maintains her place as an expert in whole, purposeful living, including green life, sustainable practices and holistic action to confirm her status as a transformational speaker, coach and advisor.

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