Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy

Vibrational Healing Testimonials

“It felt other worldly and the amount of positive emotion I felt was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It was truly amazing.” –Mackenzie Davis

“I’ve been in the healing arts for almost 20 years. Massage, Reiki, raindrop therapy, Reflexology and card reading. After I completed Level One of the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, my practice quickly blossomed. It’s like Reiki on steroids that by-passes the suffering part of Reiki and just takes you to the heavens immediately. I have raised my personal vibrational frequency and am attracting more clients for all of my services! Abundance is mine, my intuitive abilities are heightened and my whole life is changing for the better! Thank You, Lisa!” - Krista McKeon

“I am a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner, Channel and Intuitive, but with all of that I have never had a vision with my physical eyes…always my third eye. I have been asking and praying for one, but nothing. After the first day of training with the these particular frequencies of the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, I finally had my first physical vision. After class I went to a group meditation. I usually keep my eyes closed but for some reason that night I was guided to open them…There, right before me, clear as anything was St. Germain! WOW…Lisa warned me that could happen; I just didn’t think it would happen so soon! Very cool!” - Meghan McSweeney

“I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of my new forking experiences. I have had the opportunity now to do several tunings using your method on several people. Some who had also experienced a tuning with me when I used just the Soma training method. The feedback has been wonderful. Folks reported that they felt the experience was markedly different than their previous experience. The easiest way to express it is that they are now reporting more transcendent states from the experience. I am thrilled and feel so honored to be a facilitator of this experience for folks. I too have found that I am having a much more profound experience with my forks as well. They are feeling much more like an extension of me and I too am being altered by offering the experience to others. The connection that I am feeling with my intuitive guidance feels much more intense and vibrant”. - Rochelle Freedman

“Since November my journey has been so transformative and exciting. I must certainly attribute this change to your tuning fork class and how wonderful it was.” -James Hahn

“After my first meditation class, I had a nightmare. Nightmares were not unusual for me. I think the class opened my chakras for that. But after the tuning, I can say I have not had any nightmares. I have learned so much from such a well-educated, all-knowing teacher. There is so much more for me to learn and so much more I want to learn. I now know how to protect myself, my crown chakra and my heart chakra; I know how to recognize signs of communication from my angels. I feel like a new person. I feel special.” -Lynn M.

“Please let me start by saying how much I have enjoyed meeting you and working with you. I consider myself an open minded beginner in this learning process and have enjoyed learning about the various gifts we have. My favorite experience I had with you was last week after my tuning, I saw such a beautiful vision of light shining down on me - purple, gold and bright white from the corner of my vision, it looked like a picture a little kid would draw showing sunshine from the corner of their colored crayon picture. I felt such love and joy and you told me it was from an angel. I have brought that picture back time and time again in my mind, it was so beautiful. And the messages that came through from my recently departed father were a special gift and bonus that brought tears to my eyes on your table.”- Lorie Mitchell

“Lisa, the gifts you have which you bring to us, have elevated my enlightenment to another level and I am more conscientious to be alert to all I do, and not just go through the motions. I try to be more present in all I do. I listen to people more, and what they are saying, I look around at my surroundings, the clouds, nature, music and see signs more. I wake up with a lively step to look for miracles every day and to share with others those good feelings so that I can bring light and love into their lives. And all of this is because of you teaching me and opening me to all the wonders. I could write a whole book on all the amazing changes in my life since I started working with you.” - Mary Wiess

“I have a very gifted young daughter, Claire, who sees angels and spiritual beings. Being Catholic this was a hard thing to accept at first, but there was no denying the confirmations of what she was seeing. I was kind of jealous and wanted to experience these things for myself. Then I meet Lisa Alexander. She performed several tunings on me to help open my pineal gland and introduced me to meditation. I tried to meditate on my own prior, but never quieted my mind enough to actually relax and reap the benefits of meditation. During my tunings, Claire would be there and see all the different Archangels come in to work on me and I’d either feel warmth or chills going up and down my spine depending on which angel was present. In my mind, I couldn’t believe that these beings were there for me! I thought to myself, I have no gifts, I can’t see them, yet they were here for me. I gradually started to believe that I needed to trust more in myself and I actually could start to see if I only believe in myself. Then it finally happened in the summer of 2015, a few days after a tuning session with Lisa. I was driving down a road and saw three blue circles with wings. I was floored! No matter which way I looked they were there. I thought maybe the sun was in my eyes and I just needed to look away and theses flying blue shapes would be gone. But no matter where I looked they were there. I asked Claire if she saw anything and she replied three angels. Now I really was at a loss for words. I finally got to see an angel with my own wide open eyes. The angels stayed with us for about a mile and then went away. I was elated as I now felt, in some small way, part of the very special club that Claire belonged too.” - Victoria Martocci

“I’m a 57 year old plumber. For as long as I can remember I had this reoccurring nightmare/dream of this large clogged pipe that no matter what I did I just couldn’t break through it. When I had my first tuning and third eye opening with Lisa, I had this amazing dream/vision of this same clog, except this time I was finally able to open it. It was incredibly detailed with me seeing each layer of the clog in different degrees of colors until finally it flushed through…clear and wide open the water now flowed. From that time on, my dreams and daytime visions have been detailed, clear and flow constantly. This convinced me to train under Lisa to become a practitioner of this amazing work she created. My plumbing days are behind me now as I have moved into my true life’s path.” -Steven Nixon

“As soon as Lisa put the crystals in my hands, I felt multiple electric twitches in forearms, elbows to wrist...saw even more beautiful colors, more pastels...tuning forks always bring me a lightening of colors…” -Harold Wiess

“Being in NYC I have access to many new “things”. But even in NYC this is hard to fine. I had been to a few other vibrational healers, but when I was vacationing at a spa in the Poconos, I had a tuning session from Lisa. Hers was like something I never experienced before. Because she is also an Intuitive, she works directly with higher intelligence to perform the specific healing that my body and soul was crying out for. Spirit sometimes comes to her with direct messages, I got to communicate with my late mother during a session with Lisa….Awesome Stuff!” -Joe Appruzzese

“I feel a great sense of relaxation, while feeling light and energized at the same time.
It’s like Reiki on Steroids meets Acupuncture that doesn’t hurt...opens every channel in your body feel the effects flow for days and weeks later.” -Vlad P.

“Lisa creates a sacred place for you, where healing can begin. She can open up and balance all your chakras; life’s energy centers. All the yoga in the world can’t get you results this fast!” - Kathy Makoul

“Wow, Thank You, Lisa. I slept like a rock last night. Haven’t slept that way in ages!” -Karen Malachowski

“I love how you combine crystal and angel therapy with your tuning sessions!” -Renee Gamboni

“It changed my life within the first few months. After a near fatal car accident 25 years ago, I lived in constant back and neck pain, with several herniated disks and degenerative disk disease because of it. After years of spending money on all kinds of doctors, therapy and other treatments, in just 3 tuning sessions with the Solfeggio frequency tuning forks with Lisa...I finally had no more pain...NONE….then the extra benefits started!!!!!” -Linda G.

“Reiki is like sipping a glass of wine, where as the Alexander Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy is like taking shots! I just love this new modality. I’ve had clients that just weren’t responding to other therapies but are finally resonating with this.” - new student & Reiki Master, Lisa Golluber.

“There are only three certified tuning fork therapies out there and I am certified in all three. I found Lisa’s program last because I finally heard about it through the grape vine and then heard her speak at an expo. I can tell you that I wish I had taken her program first, because her’s is the best!” - Linda McConnell

“I got into the entertainment industry at a young, impressionable age. Like many others before me, I fell into drugs, alcohol and too much partying. I had the means to go to some of the best addictions clinics in the country, but even with that I would soon relapse. Nothing brought me true peace and healing until I started working with Lisa. She is a true angel who has helped me release my addictions and substitute it for a much better natural high!” - Anonymous

“For years, I suffered with extreme depression and anxiety. I had been on multiple prescription medications and was seeing both a psychologist and psychiatrist for years. I spent thousands of dollars yet had only limited improvement. After working with Lisa for just 6 months, I am now off of almost all my medications and stopped going to my very expensive therapists. I now feel joy, happiness and can laugh again...” - Greg H.

“I swear since I started getting vibrational tunings with Lisa I not only feel younger but people keep saying I look younger. I even been accused of “having something done”...LOL“- Susan

“At my first personal session she noticed something was off in my abdominal area and made the appropriate adjustments. I had been having assorted digestive issues for 6 to 8 weeks prior to the day, and they all immediately resolved. In addition, I had been having many peri-menopausal symptoms, and these dramatically subsided after this one session. My anxiousness in life has gone away. I move through life with greater ease. I started dreaming vividly and lucidly. My whole family has benefited from our experiences with Lisa.” - Sue Youngs

“My wife took me to hear Lisa Alexander lecture at two different events last summer. Then she set us each up for private tuning session. Up to this point I considered myself a typical American dense male…just going along with whatever my wife wanted…little did I know the world and the way I viewed it and lived it in would be forever changed after working with Lisa. Our whole family now sees Lisa regular and takes her spiritual development and angel classes. We are grateful for this new knowing and sense of peace in our lives.” - Chris Youngs

“Meeting you and becoming a client and recipient of your work and teachings in your group spiritual development classes has completely changed my life….Being a college student and finding your way in this world is challenging….I had been on medication for various things, ADHD, anxiety and more, since I was young…your loving, caring work has literally saved and changed my life, giving my hope, understanding about myself and real direction in life.” - Amanda Youngs

“I fell off a fork lift years ago and sustained serious injuries to my back. I tried everything short of surgery. After just one treatment with Lisa my back felt great. I could move again without pain. The best part was that it lasted. I went back one month later, and now I only go every other month...and still pain free.” - Mike Schwentner

“I was in a serious car accident a few years ago. My injuries caused loss of movement in my right shoulder and my mandible. Even eating was difficult. After just the first treatment with Lisa, I regained lost movement in my shoulder and my jaw no longer makes the clicking noise it used to make and eating has become easier. As I do this treatment more and more other great things in my life keep happening too.”- Amber Sorrentino

“I have had two personal tuning sessions with Lisa. The experience was amazing, beyond words. You can actually feel like you are opening up and weight is being lifted from you. It is such a wonderful, cleansing feeling.” – Tina Smith

“Lisa is such a gifted healer and so wonderful at what she does. I had both a tuning with the forks as well as a Channeling session with her and with both she gave me the guidance and confirmations I needed. She also cleared blocks and opened me up in ways I was unable to do on my own.” -Jamie Mendez

“In our session, I experienced the most amazing sensations and visions. There was warmth with no obvious source of heat and visual pictures that connected me to Lisa in ways I could not have known. In the days following that experience, I felt so connected to life!"- Kristen Lewis

"It's not just the high vibrations of the special tuning forks Lisa uses, her energy work is greatly magnified by her own very high vibrations. As a Spiritual Intuitive, I have seen the arch angels descend down into Lisa's being while she is working on her clients. She is a clear and open channel for true divine healing." - Rev. Lloyd Moll

"It's not just the energy of the forks; it's an intense healing energy that comes directly through Lisa's hands. At the end of the tuning session, Lisa puts down the forks and runs her hands down my legs, I feel such an intense surge of energy and tingling that then runs through my whole body and continues long after she has removed her healing hands." - Rev. Isabelle Moll

“I never felt so much peace & joy!” - Karen E.

“Thank you, Lisa for a wonderful session. It was FANTASTIC and you are a wonderful person also.”-Trish F.

“Just wanted to say thank you for of the wonderful healings that you have given to me over the past few months. You found a solution to my problem when the medical field could not! I went to a medical doctor for an out-of-control menstrual cycle. The doctor ran several tests, some quite invasive and uncomfortable. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with me. A relief yes, but I was still left with days of heavy bleeding, spotting and a shortened cycle. Not to mention that doctor said his only solution to my problem was to put me on birth control pills. No way was I going to do that. A mutual acquaintance told me about you and your tuning forks. I felt like I had nothing to lose so why not give it a try. I am so very glad that I did! After you used your tuning forks on me and balanced my hormones my cycle is the most normal it has been in years! I wish I would have gone to you first. Not only are you helping to heal me, but after our sessions I feel happiness and a blissful calm for days! So glad I made the decision to try something different!” -Victoria Martocci

“I had a tuning done for the first time at the holistic fair held at the Allentown Fairgrounds. That night while I was dreaming, I felt my head vibrate and it woke me up. I am intrigued! I plan to have another session in the near future. Everyone should experience her work! - Amy Hursch

“First of all, I could not have found a better instructor than Lisa Alexander! Being a perfectionist, I was nervous in the beginning. But Lisa was so kind with her guidance and intuitive nature. The science behind her work astounded me. She is vested in raising the vibration of the Earth and I feel honored to know her.

Before Lisa's Alexander Method course, I would receive spiritual direction through animals. My life spirit guide is the snake (which I am deathly afraid of).

In our first class, Lisa explained that when things happen in threes, that’s a sign. This was not an idea I had used in the past, but in this case... she was right.

33 weeks before my certification, I was made aware of the individual I was meant to heal. She is a friend who lives close to Lisa, but I hadn’t seen her for eight years. She was battling Lymphoma for the second time and had just made it long enough in remission where doctors told her cancer would not come back.

My husband and I were walking in the woods, and there was a snake right off the trail. Often times, when this occurs, it means someone needs my help. I prayed for answers and received a message that I did not have the tools to help.

The next appearance of the snake happened during the middle of my training. The snake stood up and looked up at my husband and me through the grass. He directly came towards me. Once he was within a foot of me, I moved because I couldn’t handle it any longer. He did the same to my husband and then went on his way.

The next day the third snake appeared, and in my life, I have never seen a huge snake like this.

About a week before I took my practicum, I started to get direction from my guides, and I learned to listen to them. Two days after I passed my certification, I went to my friend’s house and completed a session with her

In the end, she told me she had never felt so peaceful. Her kids were downstairs bickering, and she admitted it didn't even bother her. Yesterday, I found out that even though she is not through the woods yet, she has recovered even better than expected.

In addition to my friend’s healing, the floodgates opened for guides, angels, and loved ones who wanted to reach out to me with messages.

I am excited to continue learning within the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy. Thank you, Lisa, for your hard work and dedication to all your students and clients.” - Holly Wright

“Lisa is a generous healer who is very dynamic and caring in her approach. I did a healing with her to clear my shyness about getting my story and practice out there. Lo and behold, soon after my session, I went out and bought myself a computer, launched a Couples Meditation Retreat, and created a video about it. Woohoo, thank you Lisa!” - Ann-Marie Everitt

“My whole family has benefited from our experiences with Lisa. Before my first personal session with her, I had been having assorted digestive issues for 6 to 8 weeks. She immediately noticed something was off in my abdominal area and made the appropriate adjustments. My symptoms all immediately resolved. In addition, many of my perimenopausal symptoms dramatically subsided after just one session. I’ve found that my anxiousness has gone away, and I move through life with greater ease. Thank you!” - Sue Youngs, Coopersburg, Pa.

“Prior to attending a Lisa Alexander lecture, I considered myself a typical American dense male; just going along with whatever my wife wanted. Little did I know that the way I viewed the world would be forever changed after working with Lisa.

During my first private tuning session with her, I started seeing colors as she worked on me. Then out of the blue, I suddenly had a vision of a logjam on a river bursting open, with all the logs rushing down the river. After the session, I explained this vision to Lisa, and she told me it is typical to see colors the first session and that I had my vision while Lisa worked on my head, third eye chakra. I had a severe block which she released, and the vision confirmed that. I even felt someone else working on my feet during sessions and Lisa explained to me that this was the healing angels.

Our whole family now sees Lisa regularly and takes her spiritual development and angel classes. The number of divine occurrences collectively in our lives would fill volumes. We are grateful for this new knowing and sense of peace in our lives.” - Chris Young

“I can't emphasize enough how much of a positive impact Lisa has had on my life. Since I started seeing her a client, my business tripled, my health got better, I lost weight, and my relationships improved. I now have a very successful full-time dog grooming business. I never thought I would actually study under Lisa to learn this fantastic modality, but because my physic abilities have been so heightened since I started working with her, I was intuitively guided (later confirmed by other psychics) to take her class. Now, I'm positively impacting the lives of other people while still running my business full-time. I practice this modality on family and friends, and just like me, they can't seem to get enough of it. They're always asking me to ‘tune them.’ If you want a truly life-altering experience, don't just become a client of Lisa; become a practitioner! You will change your life and others in ways you never dreamed of. Wonderful soul, wonderful gifts. I highly recommend seeing her!” - Diane Carr, Owner, Canine Grooming, Bethlehem, Pa.

"The first time I heard Lisa speak at an event, I instantly drawn to her work and knew I had to have a session with her. The one-hour drive with my 90-year old mother to meet her was more than worth the trip; we both had such amazing experiences. It was then that I knew I had to learn everything I could about the Alexander Method.

Over the course of my long life, I have taken and experienced just about every healing modality out there. I can tell you nothing else has the immediate and long-lasting effects as the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy. Here I am in my 70's, feeling better than I ever have. I am currently working as a practitioner in my own time, earning extra money and helping so many people of all ages in my life.

You are never too old to learn something new, and the Alexander Method is new, different, powerful, and works! Thank you Lisa for bringing this modality into the world!" - Donna

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