Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy


It’s the Secret of the Universe.
The Law of Attraction cannot exist or work without Vibrational Energy.

In studying Quantum Physics, I learned that every person, every creature, every piece of nature and every physical item is a combination of energy and vibration. Everything has a certain vibrational resonance (the rate at which you vibrate) and that rate determines the experiences in each area of your life. Quite simply, the higher your vibration – the better your health and your life.

The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy is based on Quantum Physics and other scientific doctrines that prove all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. By using the correct sound and vibrational attunements, you can experience deep levels of healing at the molecular level. The experience brings your body, mind and spirit back into perfect balance and alignment with its higher frequencies.

Have you ever seen or heard of doctors using specially designed music therapy pumped through headphones to a patient? Doctors have had great success with this because of the calming, relaxing state the patient experiences. However, the problem with the current systems is that they are all electronic. Therefore, the machines themselves create toxic EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) that alone can cause health and other problems for people, especially those who are already experiencing some sort of ailment, are older, younger, or sensitive to the invisible electromagnetic fields surrounding us in our modern world. Also the electronics do not capture and emit the healing vibration. It’s why music always sounds better live than recorded. Even scientists and doctors are using certain frequencies to repair DNA. Yes, you can affect your DNA. You are not destined to suffer the fate of your genetics.

I knew there had to be a more natural way of affecting altered states of consciousness; a way that would allow the body to heal itself on a multitude of levels. That’s when synchronicity stepped in and introduced me to vibrational sound therapy using highly calibrated tuning forks set to the Solfeggio frequencies. Which include some the same frequencies scientists are using to repair DNA.

These original sound frequencies were used in ancient Gregorian Chants, including the great hymn to St. John the Baptist. Church authorities reported that St. John’s hymn, along with many other ancient chants, were lost centuries ago. These Chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings and connectiveness when sung in harmony during masses.

According to entries from Webster’s Dictionary and the Apocrypha, these original frequencies are believed to be effective in turning grief to joy, facilitating change, healing at the cellular level, repairing DNA, and awakening intuition and a spiritual connection to “Source.”

One of the best ways to “open” the cell is by activating the receptors in the cell membrane, so that the message the RNA picks up will be transmitted to the DNA. Since our bodies are comprised of approximately 78% water; frequency and vibration have the potential to create a huge impact on us at all levels. Combined with the powerful frequencies of the ancient Solfeggio, is it any wonder that these tones were mysteriously “lost?”

Through the proper use of highly calibrated tuning set to these ancient frequencies, we all have within our grasp the potential to create positive changes within our bodies, mind, emotions, and spirit at the cellular and all levels; raising our vibrational frequencies and increasing our consciousness to allow for healing on a multitude of plains. Each time we receive an Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy™ tuning, it helps our bodies adjust to and integrate the higher vibrations that accompany a raised consciousness and maintain an in-tune etheric and physical body.

I was hooked on sharing sound therapies, and with the blessing of my teachers and feedback from clients, I modeled an advanced delivery of healing in The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy.