Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher & Healer


I am very happy with these forks! I have been using them for over a month now. I have experienced changes with my dreams, as they are more vivid and I am much more able to recall in detail.

- Colleen Worth


The very first time Lisa struck her new Gateway fork I instantly felt the vibration from across the room.  Since I have been using it not only have I been dreaming more, they have become so magically vivid and intense, in a good way!  Lisa is always pushing the envelop developing new things.  I can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next.

- Krista McKeon


WOW, I have been having so many more vivid and fun, happy and even crazy silly dreams since I started using Lisa Alexander’s Pineal Gland Crystal Activator and Gateway Tuning Fork™ set. You can hear and feel the vibration from afar and the sound carries and last a long time.  I’m a Level One Practitioner of the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy™.  Now I really can’t wait to get to the next levels!

- Diane Carr


Since I have been using Lisa Alexander’s Pineal Gland Crystal Activator and Gateway Tuning Fork™ set, my meditation practice has become easier and deeper, and my psychic and clairvoyant abilities have really opened up and enhanced.  I only use it a couple of times a week for less than 3 minutes.,..that’s all you need…it’s that effective and lasting.  It opens the flood gates and everything just flows, and continues to.

When I had a Level 3 Tuning session with her and she incorporated her new Gateway Tuning Fork™ I went out-of-body!  It’s so intense.

- Linda G.


I have been using the Pineal Fork and I am sleeping much better now than I usually do. I have also been able to dream more which helps me to de-stress. There seems to be a very long vibration on the pineal fork and you can see it is a well made product. When you think about how detrimental sleep loss is to a person (it can shorten your lifespan) an investment in these forks vs. sleep drugs, etc. I feel is a much better alternative.

- Carmine LaMarca