Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy


“Lisa Alexander is a Modern-Day Guru who intelligently bridges the gap between Science and Western and Eastern Spiritual Philosophies,”
- Rev. Krista McKeon

“Lisa Alexander is a Metaphysical Healer & Teacher who has forever changed my life, and those of others, in Wonderful and Miraculous ways!”
- Diane Carr

“Lisa Alexander is a Contemporary Renaissance Woman with a vast array of Experience & Knowledge that she passionately shares with others!”
- Terry Sullivan

“Since working with Lisa I find am handling the stress much better.  My moods are lighter and I just feel better.  It’s nice not to be irritated by the little demands made on me. I’m a natural born caretaker, but even so, things can be difficult at times and I am so thankful to have this modality to make my life easier. It’s a blessing to be that free.” - Donna Fry

“After reading about Lisa on the internet, I felt drawn to make an appointment for a past-life regression, something I'd always wanted to do even though I was a bit skeptical it was possible. I continued to be skeptical right up until I laid on her table. After experiencing Lisa’s healing technique first hand, I became so inspired that I left my profession to train under her to help and inspire others. Lisa is a rock star in the natural healing field!” - Mary Daniels

“Over the last 15 years, I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa Alexander as a model, actress, writer, and producer. No matter what role she plays, she excels. She is one of the most creative and hardworking people I have ever met; and one of the most brilliant. I often call her a Mensa Model or the ‘Brainiac.’ In recent years, she has gone through extensive studying and research acquiring numerous certifications in the environmental world and green-building science. I have been to many of her lectures and speeches and am always blown away by her level of expertise on everything green. From green living to green building to environmental and government issues, she is the true ‘QUEEN of GREEN.’ Her lectures book up immediately and they always run overtime with people staying long after to ask questions and meet her. With class and graciousness, she stays to address everyone's concerns, often signing autographs on articles she's written. As an on-camera talent, she lights up the screen and is often called upon by the TV networks to be the green expert she is. We all benefit from her expert advice.” - Joe Apruzzese, Technical Associate at MSNBC

“Lisa Alexander has an impressive and comprehensive knowledge of all things ‘green.’ Whether she is speaking about our national and state environmental policies, green building, or eco- friendly lifestyle modifications, her fluency in environmental issues goes beyond sound bites. As a public speaker, I have seen Lisa give captivating presentations where participants remain glued to their seats for question and answer periods, then follow Lisa out the door to ask her even more! 

I had the great pleasure of being a co-writer with Lisa for a series of ‘green girl’ articles for Connections Magazine. She challenged and encouraged me to stretch myself both as a writer and a researcher. It was a pleasure to share a by-line with Lisa. I hope someday soon we will get to write together again.” - Holley Chant, LEED AP, GSAS CGP

"I have learned SO much from Lisa. She's the real deal! 

At my young age, I see all kinds of influencers on YouTube and Instagram. After studying spiritual concepts under a true master like Lisa, I now realize that many of those people are just trying to be popular and don't really have the knowledge that Lisa has to back it up. I'm disappointed she doesn't do videos like that, but as a true master, she has nothing to prove. I mean, it takes years of real-life experiences and the study of many philosophies before you can truly acquire the level of knowledge Lisa has. How can a 20-something, ego-driven YouTube/Instagram influencer compare? I will be learning from Lisa all my life. I am so glad my entire family found her!" - Katie Young

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