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Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy

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I have found in my divinely guided practice that I cannot treat any two people exactly the same because everyone has a different set of circumstances. These include immediate health issues, emotional, financial or spiritual trauma, or past life karma. Therefore, no two treatments are alike. All my sessions are individualized to your specific needs to create the most effective form of healing on all levels right down to the core molecular levels.

For this reason I offer a one-time, free phone consultation to determine the first steps needed to shift the physical, emotional and etheric bodies into perfect health and healing. –Lisa Alexander

All services are based on The Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy:

Experience Combinations: Many of Lisa’s sessions work well together to accent your time of healing and spiritual growth. Please request direction on a combination that will best meet your needs.

Fees and Appointments: For all services are available by calling 610-759-2617 or email

Client Service Sessions

Vibrational Tuning:

Return to Harmony by Achieving Highest Personal Energy Vibrations
Tapping the foundational understanding of matter and energy, a vibrational tuning clears personal chakras while opening, aligning and balancing the energy centers.
In the Session: In this time of fundamental healing, Lisa uses specially calibrated tuning forks in a carefully designed order; along with light pressure, guided meditative thought and color charting that depicts your personal state of challenge or illness or roadblocks.

Pineal Gland/DNA/RNA Repair & Activation:

Heal and Stimulate the Central Connection from Brain to Body

Background: The Pineal Gland is located at the center of the brain and as its name suggests, it is the size of a pine nut. In ancient man and children the Pineal Gland was larger than those found today. Environmental toxins, medications and chemicals in our food have caused it to shrink and calcify over time. More blood and energy flows through the pineal gland than any other gland in the body due to its central location and connection from the brain to the body. The gland is also responsible for secreting melatonin and serotonin, two brain fluids vital to our physical, mental and emotional health. Spiritually, the Pineal Gland corresponds to the Third Eye – the eye of enlightenment which helps us to internally visualize the non-physical and tap into our intuition with greater clarity. Scientists have found some of the same cones that are in our two physical eyes also occur in our pineal gland.

In this Session: Lisa uses a specially calibrated tuning fork that vibrates to the frequency of the Pineal Gland allowing for healing, repair and activation of the gland while loosening calcification and strengthening its connection to the mind, body and spirit. This is done in combination with four DNA Nucleotide forks and two RNA tuning forks. This combination activates dormant DNA codes to bring you to the next stage of bio-conscious evolution and to transcribe with the RNA forks and reach the frequencies of the Arch Angels.

Intuitive Reading:

Connect With Your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones
Background: As a Certified Spiritual Intuitive/Medium, Lisa Alexander’s readings are insightful and useful.

In this Session: You may receive answers to questions about your life and direction for choices you are facing. Your guides, angels and loved ones will send messages through Lisa to help you to heal and move forward. The sessions are warm, compassionate and surrounded by your loving guides. Your guides and loved ones want you to be happy. Lisa helps bring these souls together for the common benefit of helping you achieve new levels of joy and peace.

Life Coaching and Guidance and Spiritual Mentorship:

Identify Your Purpose, Form Your Vision, Live Your Passion
Background: Personal and Professional Life Coaching with your spirit guides will propel you to more quickly recognize your life purpose and passion than years of traditional therapy. No one knows you better than your spirit guides, as they have been with you since your birth in this life time. They know your soul’s journey, why you came here and what you contracted before you incarnated into this life time.

In this Session: In these sessions, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, your present path, past issues and a clearer vision for the future. You will start to align with your life’s purpose and move toward a personal and professional course of action that will bring you more joy, happiness, health, wealth and abundance in every area of your life.

Past Life Regression:

Go Back So You Can Move Forward
Background: Did you ever have those moments where you just knew you were someplace or met someone before? Are you drawn to decor of or history of some other time period? These may be residual memories of past lives. Great healing in this life can begin with learning about your past life issues so you can understand, release and move forward.

In this Session: While in a relaxed state, and through guided meditation, Lisa is able to focus your thoughts and call in your spirit guides to take you back to see a past life. This knowledge can assist you with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in this lifetime. After your session, you may begin to release fears, phobias, conflict with others, negative thought patterns and all blocks that keep you from moving forward in this life. Past life regression can be life-changing as it often helps to reveal one’s spiritual life purpose. *A Past Life Regression Session is normally a two hour session. The first hour will include one or more of the following services: Solfeggio Tuning, Chakra Opening, Clearing, Aligning and Balancing. The second hour will then allow a more open, comfortable and successful regression.

Grief Consulting:

Understand the Path to Healing After a Loss
Background: There is no better way to move forward from the grief of loss ones and into a place of joy, peace and contentment than being able to reach out to your departed loved ones.

In this Session: This session offers a chance to say that good- bye you never achieved, to receive and give forgiveness of yourselves or others, to heal issues from the past so both you and the soul can move into a better place of light.

Personal Meditation:

Quiet the Mind to Restore the Body

Background: Meditation practices reach back to ancient times when our ancestors understood the many layers of consciousness and the value of routine relaxation.

In the Session: You will be guided to an effortless glide into transient states of mind awareness – a practice that is often difficult to initiate without focused coaching and assistance. Lisa will work with your personal needs to combine sound, silence, stretching, and breathing to produce an immediate and lasting effect. The personalized mediation may be recorded for continued practice. 

Home/Office Blessing & Clearing:

Replace Blocks in Your Surroundings with Positive, Free Flowing Energy

Background: Clearing your home or office of old, stagnate or negative energies allows more positive energy to enter, maintain flow and lighten up the feeling of a place and the people in it.
In this Session: Lisa can help release negative forces, attachments, or energies in a building or site when it is threatening to current residents, pets or visitors, or to just bless the site to allow for the free flow of abundance to enter. If you sense something amiss in your building or you are having trouble selling or renting a property, this clearing will release the negative energy that is blocking your desires. It is important that all inhabitants of the building are present as they too will be cleared of any attached energies. *A one-time clearing usually takes approximately two hours. Should you wish to include in the clearing a blessing of family members or employees, a discount price will be discussed. Please note that travel fees may apply.

Spirit Relocation ProgramTM:

Guide Trapped Spirits to Move Into Their Light

Background: This takes the Home/Office Blessing to a higher level of identifying and locating disturbing spirits in your home or office that may be causing fear or panic. If you feel you have “ghosts” or other paranormal activity that is bothersome or disruptive to the inhabitants of the building, this more intensive clearing may need to be performed. Often these are spirits that are held up and have not gone on to the light. They are staying in the earth plane out of fear of being judged and need to be escorted to the light to find healing and leave this space. This can be very intense process as Lisa is a high vibrational light-worker and these entities see her light and attach to it. Often times, Lisa has been physically attacked by these entities in a fully awake state.

In this Session: Lisa’s past and current life experiences have clearly shown her that she is a “Porter” or gatekeeper, in this case - the gate between heaven and earth. This is one of her life’s purposes, yes, a sort of “ghost buster.” Lisa refers to it as “The Spirit Relocation ProgramTM” as she sends these entities off to the light. This process can be quite intense and the fee is based on an individual situation. Please call to discuss.

Personal Guru Services: This powerful personal and individualized spiritual education and training can be offered one on one or for groups. Please contact Lisa for further details to customize this service to your needs. 

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