Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy

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Enter to win a $1,000 scholarship towards the Nationally Accredited Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy ™, Level One Foundational Skills.

Additional prize winners too!

Prices valued at $2,500, from September 4 - October 12.

Enter to win a $1,000 scholarship toward any Level One Foundation Skills program! The scholarship can be used online or in-person. This is a three month program consisting of six weeks of live classes as well as self-paced modules. There are then six weeks of self-paced, hands-on practice and private class time with the creator of this modality, Lisa Alexander, either online or in-person.


The live classes are five full days, either held during the week or spread out over two weekends with time in between weekends to learn and practice the foundational skills. These classes are TBA and/or can be scheduled according to need. For example, if someone has a center and would like to host classes somewhere live, they will need to reach out personally to make arrangements. The host of the classes has the option to receive her/his class tuition for free to do so.

Current in-person classes are scheduled in Quakertown, PA in January/February 2019.

  • Jan, 25-27, 2019, starts Friday evening 6-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9-5 pm.

    • Friday evening and Saturday class lecture/learning.

    • Sunday will be hands-on procedures.

    • Lunch will be provided on Saturday & Sunday.

    • Students will be given a 100 page class book, manual and videos to review, study and practice with before we resume for the second half of the program for more live hands-on work and final testing for certification.  

    • At the end of the first weekend students will be given a video to watch to help continue the learning of the hand-on on procedure by practicing on people. These practice sessions will be necessary to learning and preparing for the second weekend of certification testing.  

  • February 16 & 17, 2019 at 9-5 pm.  

  • Snow Dates will be available.

Location: Complete Wellness
519 W Broad St, Quakertown, PA 18951
(267) 509-7717

The top three prizes will be:

  • 1st place: $1,000 scholarship to a $2,500 online program starting October 15th, although the scholarship does not have to be used on that specific course. It can be redeemed up to one year later. The program is offered several times throughout the year.

  • 2nd place: $500 towards the program

  • 3rd place: $400 set of Tuning Forks

First of all, I could not have found a better instructor than Lisa Alexander! Being a perfectionist, I was nervous in the beginning. But Lisa was so kind with her guidance and intuitive nature. The science behind her work astounded me. She is vested in raising the vibration of the Earth and I feel honored to know her.
— Holly Wright

About the course:

Out of the few certified sound therapy programs available, The Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy™, is the only Nationally Accredited program that is dedicated to continuous review of the latest scientific findings and research to keep practitioners current and informed in all aspects of the science that enhances and permeates this modality. Whereas other programs that incorporate tuning forks have been developed decades ago and have not kept current with new developments in the field, you can be sure that a Certified Practitioner of the Alexander Method is using the latest and most recent cutting edge findings, working alongside and in harmony with the ancient techniques that have proven effective for centuries. Certified Practitioners take advantage of the latest science involving the intricate workings of the human body, including research in the areas of the nervous, glandular, cognitive and vascular systems.

The Alexander Method is also the only program in the natural healing arts that incorporates the entirety of the human existence. Current programs address just one or two of the nine proven energy systems of human form. The Nationally Accredited Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy™ addresses every area of mind, body, spirit & soul, including, but not limited to: the complete chakra system, the human bio-fields, the nadis, meridians, kundalini, bone, tissue, lymph, nerves, DNA, past life blocks, and more.The Alexander Method affects issues on all levels of being, opening intuitive abilities in client and practitioner alike. In addition, this technique uses only the best medical grade tuning forks to guarantee accurate tones and to assure consistent results.

How to enter:

1. Visit and LIKE Lisa Alexander's Facebook page and leave a comment on this post with a paragraph on why you want to join the Nationally Accredited Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy ™, Level One Foundational Skills program.

2. Invite your friends & family to LIKE and COMMENT on your post and the fan page. 

3. The 3 people who have the most likes & comments will be our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, respectively. 

Additional details:

  • Giveaway ends on October 12th at midnight EST.

  • There are interest-free payment plans available to fund the remaining balance of the course. Please contact for set up.

  • It is important to note that you do not have to take the next class starting October 15th, 2018. You can apply the payments and/or scholarship to the next class starting in January, 2019. Please know however that the $2,500 price is subject to change after January 1st.

  • If a payment plan is set up prior to January 1, 2019 you will be guaranteed the 2018 price. Registering now and starting a payment plan will ensure you get the current pricing.

  • The winner will have one year from now to use the scholarship money, which is also transferable.

  • The remaining $1,500 balance for the $2,500 course will need to be paid by the winner separately.

  • There is a required set of tuning forks needed for Level 1 which can be purchased here prior to taking the class.