Lisa Alexander

Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Healer & Creator of The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy


“I’ve been in the healing arts for almost 20 years. Massage, Reiki, raindrop therapy, Reflexology and card reading. After I completed Level One of The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, my practice quickly blossomed. It’s like Reiki on steroids that by-passes the suffering part of Reiki and just takes you to the heavens immediately. I have raised my personal vibrational frequency and am attracting more clients for all of my services! Abundance is mine, my intuitive abilities are heightened and my whole life is changing for the better! Thank You, Lisa!” - Rev. Krista McKeon.

There are only three certified tuning fork therapies out there and I am certified in all three. I found Lisa’s program last because I finally heard about it through the grape vine and then heard her speak at an expo. I can tell you that I wish I had taken her program first, because her’s is the best ! The others are old and outdated, Lisa’s is new, fresh and cutting edge. She has a constant pulse on the newest research and never stops learning and innovating. The other existing programs are like grade school and maybe high school, where The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy is like college, Graduated school, and at level 3, your going for your Ph.d in sound therapy - Linda M.

“I am a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner, Channel and Intuitive, but with all of that I have never had a vision with my physical eyes…always my third eye. I have been asking and praying for one, but nothing. After the first day of training with the these particular frequencies of The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, I finally had my first physical vision. After class I went to a group meditation. I usually keep my eyes closed but for some reason that night I was guided to open them…There, right before me, clear as anything was St. Germain! WOW…Lisa warned me that could happen; I just didn’t think it would happen so soon! Very cool!” - Meghan McSweeney.

“I wanted to take a moment to update you on some of my new forking experiences. I have had the opportunity now to do several tunings using your method on several people. Some who had also experienced a tuning with me when I used just the Soma training method. The feedback has been wonderful. Folks reported that they felt the experience was markedly different than their previous experience. The easiest way to express it is that they are now reporting more transcendent states from the experience. I am thrilled and feel so honored to be a facilitator of this experience for folks. I too have found that I am having a much more profound experience with my forks as well. They are feeling much more like an extension of me and I too am being altered by offering the experience to others. The connection that I am feeling with my intuitive guidance feels much more intense and vibrant”. - Rochelle Freedman.

“Reiki is like sipping a glass of wine, where as The Alexander Method™ of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy is like taking shots! I just love this new modality. I’ve had clients that just weren’t responding to other therapies but are finally resonating with this.” - new student & Reiki Master, Lisa Golluber.

“Since November my journey has been so transformative and exciting. I must certainly attribute this change to your tuning fork class and how wonderful it was.” -James H.

Dear Lisa,

I want to be sure I expressed my appreciation for all the things I learned in last weeks class.  It was awesome.

I had a problem with not being grounded for many years, I felt as if I was 10 or 15 feet ahead of my car when I would drive.A friend taught me to ground myself and I felt well grounded for the last several years, but when I left our class on Wednesday I felt as it I were totally in my body.  This was a new feeling for me.  I actually felt that my body wasn’t “full” of my warm essence.  I still feel it!

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-Donna Fry