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Vibrational Transformations: Signs in Snakes!

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If there is one thing that I’ve learned from teaching the Alexander Method, it’s that, no matter where you are coming from in life, it will always open doors. It certainly did for Holly Wright, a wonderful student who recently earned her certification in the Alexander Method.

Holly was always open to receiving direction. In fact, this was one of the things that made her such a fast learner. Before the Alexander Method, Holly mostly received her direction directly from the spirit and through animals. Specifically in her case, snakes! The fact that Holly’s life spirit guide is a snake is kind of funny because, well, she’s deathly terrified of them! And yet even with this fear, snakes have helped guide her on her path of exploration and healing.

I have always said that things happen in threes. If something happens to me three times, I believe that this confirms that I am on the right path. This belief in the power of three combined with Holly’s spirit guide just a few months ago.

Holly was walking through the woods one day, open to the world as she always is, and came upon a snake just off the trail. In her experience, seeing a snake meant that someone in the world needed her help, but this snake was off the trail. She took this to mean that she didn’t yet have the tools necessary to help this person, but had faith that more answers would be coming to her soon.

Midway through her training in the Alexander Method, it happened again. She saw a snake in the grass. It stood up, looked at her, and then started to slither towards her (I feel like running just thinking about it, so imagine how she felt!) He got within one foot of her and then took off. This was the second sign.

The next day, the third sign arrived in the form of the fattest snake she had ever seen. Plump didn’t even begin to describe this snake! And just a few days later, 33 weeks before her certification, she became aware of the person she was meant to heal.

It was an old friend of hers from South Carolina. She was battling Lymphoma for the second time in her life. Holly wanted to help, but she still had much to learn first. A week before she took her practicum, she started to ask for guidance from her guides. Then, just days after she earned her certification, she went to her friend’s house to do a session with her.

After that session, her friend told her that she had never felt so peaceful. Since then, her friend has been making a fantastic recovery, even better than they could have expected. Although she isn’t out of the woods yet, things are looking very positive for her. Thanks to her life spirit guide and the Alexander Method, Holly was able to make a life-changing impact in the path her friend was on.

Holly has told me that, since earning her certification, the floodgates have opened on guides, angels, and loved ones reaching out to her with one message after another. I am so grateful that I got the chance to meet and work with her and I know that she is going to be doing remarkable things in the future.

Holly is currently an Alexander Method practitioner at the Trinity TheraSpa in South Carolina. You can reach Holly directly at 843-422-5273 or email her at The Trinity TheraSpa sounds like a fantastic place, and I hope to make a trip there myself in the future! I highly recommend Holly Wright as an Alexander Method practitioner, so be sure to book a session with her soon! You can find more methods to get in touch with Holly below:

Trinity TheraSpa: 843-540-6082
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