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Vibrational Transformations: A Blue Heron & A Dream

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In 2017, Mary McIntyre was ready to set forth on the opportunity of a lifetime. As a professional musician, you never know when your big career break might come, and once you turn down a wonderful opportunity, you never know if it will come around again. Yet, in the midst of booking a coveted spot on a national tour, something was pulling Mary in a different direction.

It all started with a dream of Mary’s grandmother who passed away. In this dream, she sent a message, one with a great blue heron landing on Mary’s house. And after a peculiar string of coincidences, Mary felt moved to take her life on a new path, one that would allow her to touch more lives and help more people. That’s what led her to make an appointment with me.

Mary was skeptical. She never worked with an energy healer or even knew about chakras. But it was this internal push from her grandma’s message that gave her the clarity to approach our tuning and past-life regression session with an open mind and heart.

The past-life regression meeting reacquainted Mary with her soul purpose. She has entertained and given pieces of herself through her music, but her true purpose is serving others as a healer, especially with her connection to the spiritual and earthly realms.

Like most of us, the weight of the world came down on Mary, and she learned to bury her intuitive ability. After our work together and with all the signs nudging her to pursue a different journey, Mary left her job with the national tour and became certified as a Level 1 practitioner.

After working with the tuning forks, Mary enjoys regular and reliable communication with the spiritual realm which deepens her work with clients. Now, she can see a distinction in her friends that she regularly practices on. Mary’s experience with music informs her practice, and as she advances to Levels 2 & 3, she is inspired to bring vibrational sound therapy to more people!

For Mary, the Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy has literally changed the course of her life.

I must give a special shout-out to Mary McIntyre, an Alexander Method practitioner at her beautiful oasis home atop Mount Zion as well as LaBellaVita Wellness & Relaxation Center in New Jersey. Mary is a professional musician at heart and we were honored to share her story of awakening on our blog. We didn’t provide her contact information with our community previously, so please note how you can connect.

You can reach Mary directly at (609) 462-5078, email her at or find her on Facebook. I highly recommend Mary McIntyre as an Alexander Method practitioner, so be sure to book a session with her soon!