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A Vibrational Frequency Cure for Cancer

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Here is a stunning statement: the cure for cancer was discovered 84 years ago. Unfortunately, it was quickly suppressed from further research.

In 1931, Royal Rife unveiled an optical microscope unlike anything that had been seen before. He was able to produce microscopic images that are still unmatched by today’s technology. Rife was the first person to view living viruses, observing their behavior and movement. Through these observations, he theorized that all organisms resonate at their own specific frequency. This was a discovery that, today, quantum physicists would agree with.

Rife found that by analyzing the specific vibration of a pathogen, he could use a specific counter frequency to destroy it without surgery or drugs. He successfully tested a radio frequency emitter on lab animals. With it, he was able to kill specific cells based on his theory.

In 1934, Rife moved on to clinical trials with 16 terminal cancer patient at USC. They were all cured within 90 days. Dr. Rife was able to use frequencies to destroy cancer cells. Unfortunately the American Medical Association suppressed his findings, and then in the 1950s, they even discredited his research.

Another researcher of therapeutic frequency approach to cancer was Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom. He was a Professor Emeritus of Diagnostic Radiology at the Karolinska Institute and Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, and former Chairman of the Nobel Assembly. He had achieved something very similar to Rife, by utilizing a system of electric therapy to reduce cancerous tumors in a significant number of cases considered untreatable by other cancer therapies.

Cancer is the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. By studying electromagnetic frequencies, Nordenstrom determined that cell division was associated with the transmembrane electric potential (difference in charge within the cell and outside the cell membrane). When this factor drops, it triggers cellular division. He thus concluded that cancer was an electric phenomenon.

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom was giant in the field of medicine. He wrote a book called Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System. His work on treating cancer through the use of electrochemical treatment protocols is now the standard in many parts of the world, especially China and parts of Europe. Unfortunately, the AMA will not credit his work here.

Over $150 billion is spent each year on cancer drugs and treatments. Sadly, there is little money to made in something as simple as vibrational frequency energy medicine. Einstein proved we are all vibration that resonates at different frequencies. Tesla said “To find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Sound is all based off that. Edgar Cayce said, Sound is the medicine of the future.” The universe came into being with the vibration of sound, the big bang, the word made flesh. So, why not treat vibration with vibration?