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Mother's Day Memories

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What is your favorite memory you’ve shared with your mother? Maybe it’s a laugh you’ve shared, or a vacation you’ve taken, or even a moment where she’s provided comfort and wisdom. Maybe it’s hard to pick just one.  

Mothers are important in our lives. From the time we are conceived, their thoughts and actions affect everything about us. As time goes on, our attachment to our mothers plays a vital role in our ability to learn and grow, forming the foundation for all future relationships we have. In short: you have your mother to thank for the person you are today.

Mother’s Day is always a challenging one for me - I lost my mother 14 years ago, and have very little family around. As a result, I think of my clients and students as my family, and it’s always my joy to pass on my gifts of healing to my new extended family. I would like to invite you to join that family, too.

In this group, you can learn about the healing modalities I practice, connect with other people on a healing journey, and meet my newest students, who are always looking for willing participants to practice their newfound learning on.  

Often, those participants are mothers themselves. Mothers tend to be strong, caring and, more often than not, selfless. In many cases, mothers put others first to the detriment of their own health. They give so much of their vital energy to those around them, that they have very little left for themselves.


In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re giving away an opportunity to restore some of that energy. This beautiful necklace features clear quartz, which is known as “The Master Healer”. It helps to cleanse the chakras, balances energies, and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. This stone is beneficial for anyone, and is so wonderful for enhancing a person’s overall wellbeing.  

If you’d like to win this necklace for your mom, enter below and tell us about your favorite memory with your mother. It can be funny, sad, heartwarming, or happy, as long as its representative of the unique relationship you have with that all-important person in your life - your mother.        

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