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In Appreciation for the Classes

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Donna Fry

Dear Lisa,

I want to be sure I expressed my appreciation for all the things I learned in last weeks class.  It was awesome.

I had a problem with not being grounded for many years, I felt as if I was 10 or 15 feet ahead of my car when I would drive.  A friend taught me to ground myself and I felt well grounded for the last several years, but when I left our class on Wednesday I felt as it I were totally in my body.  This was a new feeling for me.  I actually felt that my body wasn’t “full” of my warm essence.  I still feel it!

It can be surprising when something that you had been working on and seemed effective can suddenly be so much more.  It is very hard to explain just how I felt,  I only know that somehow I felt as if a warm, weighted fluid had flowed into my body filling it completely and I was grounded in a new way.  I’ve thought about it these last few days and I think I was able to connect with my light body.  Not just for a few minutes, but permanently.  What a wonderful gift and I am so grateful to you, because I know that without our class and the work we did I would not have achieved this wonderful something I was not even aware of.

Once again, I want to express my gratitude for all you do and giving me the opportunity to experience your work in a personal and creative way.  I simply love the Alexander Method and anticipate using it in behalf of many others to move them into their higher good as they accept the energies that are offered.  I also love the fact that energy is offered and the body accepts the amount of energy it can work with for the clients highest good.  I’m simply a conduit for the energy, the forks direct and produce the frequencies.  There is so much freedom in knowing that.

I’ve already started practicing the new techniques I have learned!  And the results are amazing!   I really love working with the Alexander Method.  It is my desire since I was a young child to be able to help people who are in pain. My prayer as a child was “Lord, use me as an answer to people in pain for their highest good.’  And, the things  I am hearing from my friends and those who have come to me since I have started working with your tuning forks lets me know I am coming into my dream.  It’s so exciting!

I have heard for a long time that the use of frequency can change our lives.  I knew music certainly changes our moods and can effect large groups of people. Some music calms us and other music excites us.  But, this is a new dimension to me.  I see the changes in people after hearing the frequencies of the tuning forks as I work on them and am amazed.  Everyone I work on states they feel relaxed in ways they haven’t felt in a long time, or maybe never.  Others report their pain is gone or greatly reduced.  I love being able to serve in this way.

I have also been using the Pineal and Gateway tuning forks on myself as you instructed me and I can see wonderful changes in me.  Since starting this self-work I feel more attuned to the forks and crystals I work with and I get feed back that my work is stronger and more effective.

I have also started using the Anagrams, Single forks and Angel forks on myself.  I have added them to the Pineal and Gateway forks I use in the mornings.

Once again, with deep appreciation and love I am so grateful for the work that you are pioneering.   Donna