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If you have had a profound life change through your experience with sound therapy, vibrational healing and/or personal sessions of The Alexander Method and are feeling called to share this opportunity with others, a certification program is available to practice and to teach The Alexander Method. 

Certification in The Alexander Method includes:

Level I: Foundational Skills is an interactive, intense week long workshop (40 CEUs) that includes:

  • History of Sound and Sound Therapy
  • Medical and Modern Uses of Sound Therapy
  • How Sound Reduces Stress and Dis-ease
  • Basic Music Theory and Musical Math
  • The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
  • How the Tuning Forks are used on the Energy Body
  • The Human Energy System
  • Seven Chakras
  • Case Studies
  • The Alexander Method of Vibrational Sound and Therapy Technique
  • Hands on Practice using the Technique
  • Starting Set of Tuning Forks Required for this Course
  • Upon completion of Level I, Foundational Skills, you will be ready to open blocks, clear, align and connect the chakras system with the physical and etheric level, use TAM for personal healing and in your professional practice.

Level I: Advanced Skills is an interactive, intense 16 hour workshop that adds:

  • Seven Layers of Energy Bodies
  • Advanced Clearing & Releasing
  • Advanced Sounding Techniques with the Tuning Forks
  • No Additional Forks Needed for this Extension
  • Upon completion of Level I, Advanced Skills, you will be ready to open deeper blocks, clear, align and connect the chakras system with the physical body, and all seven layers of the energy bodies; and begin using TAM for personal healing, and in your professional practice.

Level II Intermediate will be an 8 hour course and will be available in Fall of 2017 with these components:

  • Joining Physical Body and Mind
  • Meridians
  • Frequencies to Bring Brain into Healing
  • Achieving the Theta State of Healing
  • Six Additional Forks Required at this Level

Upon completion of Level II, you will be ready to advance your practice for personal healing and healing of others.

Level III Master Level Course with 16 hours of Methods, Study and Practice, and will be available in Spring of 2018:

  • Healing and Repairing DNA
  • Activating Dormant Strands of DNA
  • Clearing and Activation of the Pineal Gland
  • Leading to Clearer Visions
  • Achieving Altered and Higher States of Consciousness
  • Master Level Requires 6 - 8 Additional Tuning Forks  

Upon completion of Level III, you will be fully certified in the Alexander Method, and prepared to expand your practice at the Master level.

How long will it take to complete my certification?
It is recommended that you clear your calendar – and your mind— for at least one day before each training program and allow one day after each program to remain clear of other commitments. 

The training is intense and focused, and giving yourself time to break away from daily demands and distractions in advance of the program will have a positive impact on your education.  After the courses, at least one day to fully absorb the information and methods – and allow time to review and practice right away – will be the best start on your journey.

Please allow at least two months of practice time between training levels.  Hours required for each level are outlined above.

Finally, if you would like to become certified to teach The Alexander Method, it is required that you complete all three levels of certification, followed by one year of regular practice to attain a teaching certificate.  

Where do the training sessions take place?
By Request:  For a confirmed group of 8 or more, Lisa will travel to your location for a scheduled certification program. For more information and to discuss location and any additional fees, please contact Lisa directly.
At Home: A Home Study program will be available for Level I shortly.  Levels II and III will be available for Home Study thereafter.

How do I register?
Online registration - Coming Soon
Home Study  - Coming Soon